What is Henna?
Henna is a plant, which is botanically know as Lawsonia Inermis. The leaves of this plant are dried and grounded into a green powder, which is used in the preparation of cosmetics.


How is Henna used on the hair?
Henna is a herbal base colorant and strengthener for the hair. Our hair salon in Adelaide use Black Rose’ Kali Mehandi, which is a henna based powder hair dye for coloring gray hair in black. It is best used for those with naturally black hair, as the finishing results with shiny black healthy hair. 

Henna has Lawsone, a tannin dye molecule, in its leaves. When the leaves are grounded and formed into a paste, the dye molecule migrates out of the paste, breach cuticle cell walls in the hair shaft, and binds with the keratin. Refer to diagram on the right. If the idea of Lawsone "migrating" from henna paste into keratin seems confusing, compare it to this: if you put a wet teabag on a white table cloth, the tannin in the tea "migrates" from the teabag into the cloth fibers, binds with those fibers, and leaves a stain.  And, the longer you leave the teabag there, the darker the stain.

How long does Henna last for?

Henna will provide a lasting colour for 1 – 3 months. Like all hair dyes, it will begin to fade after a few weeks however by re-applying henna to the hair every month or two, the colour will build up to a lovely rich shade with minimal fading. Each application coats the last, changing the depth and bounce of the light wavelengths off your hair and giving the appearance of progressively deeper richer color each time.

What are the active ingredients in Black Rose Kali Mehandi?
Our hair salon in Adelaide uses Black Rose, which is a herbal based hair dye and has a very small content of chemicals, which is less then 3% after dilution. Henna is a safer and natural alternative to commercial hair dyes. The active ingredients are herbal henna, para phenylenediamine, barium peroxide, and citric acid. 

What other benefits does Henna offer the hair?

Henna also has fantastic conditioning properties. It will give extra body to your hair, making it smoother, softer and easier to brush. Henna will leave your hair glossy, dandruff-free and healthy. Regular use of Henna gives natural strength and shine on hair. Henna also penetrates the hair shaft, strengthens it, smooths the cuticle, thickens the hair, making your hair more resistant to breakage.